Alfresco WCM Technology Preview

If you’ve worked with TeamSite, a lot of things in Alfresco’s WCM preview will look familiar. TeamSite’s workareas are Alfresco’s sandboxes. There are similarities in the usage of terms (virtualization, branching, minOccurs, maxOccurs etc) and other concepts too. But this is no coincidence given the fact that many people, including the VP of WCM come from Interwoven.

In a way this is good because TeamSite had pioneered some good concepts in WCM and a lot of people understand that terminology. However, there are a few things in TeamSite that are quite dated.

This is a preview release and I’m looking forward to a good WCM product which is easy to use and has features that compare with the bigger commercial vendors.

2 thoughts on “Alfresco WCM Technology Preview”

  1. Hey Apoorv,
    Thanks for ur blogs.Do u have any clue about Jboss CMS.. I was researching on that and stumbled on Alfresco ?/ do u think I can support Alfresco community edition without buying support.It does look more supported than Magnolia.

  2. Nit,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I do not have much information about Jboss CMS but Alfresco and Magnolia are both good options. Both support JSR 170.

    Have you looked at OpenCMS?


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