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“Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and analytics are some areas where we see a lot of traction. In addition, CRM and marketing automation are other areas where there’s lot of interest,” explains Dr Apoorv Durga, Research Director, Real Story Group, an independent analyst firm that evaluates technology vendors and delivers research and advice.

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The State of Omnichannel Content 2019

(Omnichannel) - “It also includes adaptive content strategies, multichannel publishing strategies, better abilities to personalize and target content across channels, ability to integrate customer profiles across interactions, capacity to define cross-channel journeys, and finally, the ability to measure and analyze.”

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A Big Data Approach to ECM

Alan Pelz-Sharpe and I argue that Legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) approaches have become increasingly complex, difficult to manage, and too expensive. Plus there are newer and cloud-friendly approaches emerging that Businesses should consider. 

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