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    • Expertise built as a result of implementation and advisory experience with global organizations

From Apoorv’s Blog

Dropbox is Acquiring eSignature Provider HelloSign

File Sharing and Sync provider Dropbox announced it will acquire eSignature vendor HelloSign. Dropbox is a popular light-weight collaboration service with capabilities for file sharing and sync across multiple devices. HelloSign is an eSignature service provider that allows enterprises to ...
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PhD update – Social Media for Competitive Advantage

So finally it happened. This week, I successfully defended, and earned my doctorate. I am now a PhD in Management. (Pic source: My topic was "Social Media for Competitive Advantage - A Study of Select Indian Organizations". As part ...
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EAI for Marketers – Customer Data Platforms

Cross-posted from LinkedIn Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology is an emerging category in the MarTech stack. David Raab coined the term and defines it as: "A marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database accessible to other systems." The rationale seems ...
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OpenText acquires Hightail (formerly, YouSendIt)

ECM vendor OpenText has acquired Hightail. Hightail, formerly called YouSendIt, offers a file-sharing and sync service. OpenText now has at least four file-sharing and sync services. In addition to Hightail, they have OpenText Core and OpenText Tempo Box. Documentum acquisition ...
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ECM and Machine Learning – What are Box, IBM, OpenText and other Vendors doing?

There are many use cases in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for which Machine Learning can be deployed. In fact, i’d argue that you can apply machine learning in all the stages of content life cycle. You can apply: Supervised learning ...
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Machine Learning for Personalizing Digital Experiences

Personalization has always been a key aspect in almost all kinds of digital experiences. Some examples of commonly found personalisation use cases are: allowing users to customise their dashboards or user interfaces, showing content based on explicit user-defined criteria, showing ...
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We have expertise in several digital technology marketplaces. The following list, while not exhaustive, is indicative of what our past customers have come to us for. If you have a similar requirement, we will be happy to help. You can also check out our services as well as our expertise areas.

  • Everyone’s talking of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. How can we take advantage of these developments for our everyday, business use cases?
  • What technologies should we use to manage our digital presence?
  • We need help with website management, publishing processes and workflows.
  • Digital Marketing is a huge marketplace. What kind of tools and techniques should we use and how can we have an incremental roadmap to improve technology usage for our digital marketing initiatives?
  • Can you hand-hold and help us execute the RFP/RFI process till we select the right vendor and technology?
  • How can we use digital and social media for specific outcomes (e.g., for improving our competitive advantage)?
  • Help us benchmark against industry peers and based on that, tell us what are our areas of improvements?
  • There are a huge number of products for different areas and everyone calls themselves a leader. We need help with product and vendor selection.
  • We would like to improve our business processes and automate wherever possible.
  • Our sales and mobile workforce needs access to documents and files on the move. What are our options?
  • We would like to manage our documents for better compliance and knowledge management.
  • How can we better manage our marketing assets, including audio and video files?
  • Help us reduce paper, automate processes and improve our productivity.
  • How should we consider Blockchain for our information management initiatives?