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Workshops for technology practitioners and senior management cover several bases.

These half-day or full day workshops cover specific areas from our services but customized specifically for your requirements.

Some examples of these workshops are:

  • “State of the Market” overview of specific technology marketplaces
  • How to go about selecting the right technology for your requirements?
  • Getting started with accessing your “Digital Readiness” and benchmarking against industry
  • What’s in a Digital Marketeer’s Technology Toolbox?

Customized workshops can be conducted for you in several areas and aspects of Digital Technologies. Please feel free to contact for your specific needs.

Investment Due Diligence

Get a deeper understanding of vendor, offerings and competitive landscape.

If you are a VC firm, Private Equity investor, Investment bank or an Enterprise planning to acquire or invest in a technology platform, get help in undertaking due diligence to understand the tech better.

  • Is the core offering innovative and differentiating ?
  • Are there enough synergies between different products?
  • Is it “real”  or just being marketed as such?
  • What is the platform’s technical-debt?
  • Is the platform architected well?

Product and Technology Selection

Evaluate digital technologies for your specific requirements and select the right vendors/toolsets.

There are several products in each technology marketplace. Even within those, every product is either the largest, first, leading, global or a combination of these. We however don’t believe in such categorizations and recommend that you follow a structured approach to evaluate products based on your requirements. Remember, the best product for you is the one that meets your requirements best and not the one that appears in the quadrants and waves of analysts.

Get help in addressing aspects such as:

  • What should be the different components of your digital landscape?
  • Who are the key vendors?
  • Requirement and Use case development
  • RFP/RFI Review and Validation
  • Selecting the right products and vendors

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