Workshops for technology practitioners and senior management cover several bases.

These half-day or full day workshops cover specific areas from our services but customized specifically for your requirements.

Some examples of these workshops are:

  • “State of the Market” overview of specific technology marketplaces
  • How to go about selecting the right technology for your requirements?
  • Getting started with accessing your “Digital Readiness” and benchmarking against industry
  • What’s in a Digital Marketeer’s Technology Toolbox?

Customized workshops can be conducted for you in several areas and aspects of Digital Technologies. Please feel free to contact for your specific needs.

MarTech Masterclass


Marketing Technologies for the Next Decade

Marketing Technologies, or MarTech, is a rapidly evolving marketplace. It is also increasingly becoming complex. In this workshop, we take a deep dive into several aspects of MarTech to understand how to make best use of Marketing Technology.


Module 1:  Overview

  • What Should be in a Marketer’s Technology Toolbox
  • Evolution of Marketing Technologies
  • Global Trends and India-specific aspects of MarTech
  • Key marketing technologies as we get into 2020s
  • Deep dive into foundational pieces of MarTech
  • Key platforms for each of the foundations technologies

Module 2:  Getting Ready

  • Assess your Organizational Readiness for MarTech
  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses based on results of Readiness model
  • Creating business case for Marketing Technology
  • Key Aspects about teams and roles

Module 3:  Selecting the Right Platforms

  • How to select the right marketing tools for your needs
  • Framework for tech and vendor selection
  • Best practices in technology selection

Duration: 4-6 hours for the 3 modules.

Format: Online and instructor-led, with several interactive exercises


Masterclass Instructor: Dr. Apoorv Durga (

Please feel free to contact for any more details.

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