Website & Content Management Strategies Conference 2007

I’ll be speaking at this conference in Singapore on June 18, 2007. My talk will be focused on these main areas:

  • Trends in the CMS market place that make this market so dynamic.
  • Understanding different types of CMSs. This will be the meat of my presentation.There are so many products in the market, its very difficult to find out what works for you. So it is important to understand how to classify the Content Management systems. I will talk about some of the popular ways of classifying CMSs.
  • Having understood different ways of classifying the CMS products, I’ll talk about a three step approach to selecting the right CMS. In step 1, based on this understanding of classifying CMSs, one should be able to bring down the number of products to a more manageable and relevant number. In step 2, we’ll do a more deep dive evaluation of these products and will further shorten this list. In step 3 we’ll actually get our hands dirty, do product demos and due diligence to arrive at a final set of products.

There will be many interesting folks from vendor organizations as well as user organizations and I hope it’ll be a good one for me. If you are planning to attend, do ping me.

2 thoughts on “Website & Content Management Strategies Conference 2007”

  1. I wish I could’ve been there, but Brazil is kind far away… 🙂

    Would you share the presentation?

  2. Hey!
    CM Strategies bridges the gap between content management systems designed to foster efficient information development and systems that make that information available to readers from web-centered, PDF, and various embedded help systems.

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