Updates to CDP Vendor Research

The CDP line on RSG’s vendor subway map remains perpetually under construction, particularly as we see new approaches for customer data management and activation emerge. Data lake-house platforms like Snowflake are building data management capabilities, products like Rudderstack and Aqfer are providing a subset of CDP-like capabilities. Continue reading on RSG blog: Updates to CDP Vendor Research. … Read more

MarTech: Building the Culture of Innovation

Good folks at N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research invited me for their International Marketing Conclave. The conclave’s theme was “MarTech: Building the Culture of Innovation”. So how do you go about building a culture of innovation and how does it connect with Martech? I covered these five themes that impact culture … Read more

APIs Don’t Maketh Headless

Headless (in context of CMS or Commerce) often generates interesting debates. (The Real Story Group‘s forthcoming Ecommerce evaluations will have more on this)  Traditional, legacy platforms will often tell you they got APIs, so they’re headless too. But they aren’t. They are built in a monolithic way, with all services being part of one large … Read more

Salesforce’s Loyalty Solution, Manthan-RichRelevance create Algonomy

Some interesting news this week. Salesforce has introduced a Loyalty Management offering as part of their “Marketing Cloud”. Customer 360 Audiences, their Customer Data Platform (CDP) is also a part of same Cloud. (The offering will be generally available later this year). Earlier, in 2020, MasterCard acquired SessionM (CDP + Loyalty) and Oracle acquired CrowdTwist … Read more

Key Stages in Customer Data Lifecycle

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are a key component of MarTech stacks.  The CDP marketplace is evolving very rapidly and there are numerous CDP vendors across various industries. These include large enterprise software vendors such as Salesforce, Adobe, IBM and Microsoft as well as several niche CDP vendors such as Segment, Tealium, ActionIQ, Amperity, Lytics and Treasure Data. … Read more

What’s The Perfect Definition Of A CDP? Or Should It Matter?

Customer Data Platform (CDP), as a marketing technology marketplace is seeing a lot of traction. And hype. CDP marketplace is very rapidly evolving and there are numerous CDP vendors. These include large enterprise software vendors such as IBM and Microsoft as well as several, niche CDP vendors such as ActionIQ, Tealium, Amperity and several others. Analysts, vendors … Read more

Approaches for Implementing Personalization

Personalization is a key tool in Marketer’s toolkit, and therefore Personalization Engines are now key components of any MarTech Stack. To be honest, personalization isn’t new. But with evolving usage of Machine Learning (ML) techniques, there’s a renewed interest in implementing Personalization. Rules-based Personalization is giving way to Machine Learning-based techniques to personalise.  Rules-based Personalization … Read more

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