Where Do You House Your Personalization?

Personalization is a key tool in Marketer’s toolkit and as with many other capabilities, there are multiple places to house your personalization “engine”. Of course, there is no single right answer and you could mix and match different strategies for different scenarios. Each alternative has its pros and cons. With the end system or channel … Read more

What to Make of the Open Data Initiative from Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP

This post first appeared on the RSG Blog. Enterprise software giants SAP, Adobe, and Microsoft jointly announced an “Open Data Initiative” at Microsoft’s Ignite conference in September. To quote from the press release, ….the Open Data Initiative, which is a common approach and set of resources for customers based on three guiding principles: Every organization owns … Read more

Machine Learning for Personalizing Digital Experiences

Personalization has always been a key aspect in almost all kinds of digital experiences. Some examples of commonly found personalisation use cases are: allowing users to customise their dashboards or user interfaces, showing content based on explicit user-defined criteria, showing content based on implicit criteria or even that based on user behaviour. All these required … Read more

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