Salesforce’s Loyalty Solution, Manthan-RichRelevance create Algonomy

Some interesting news this week. Salesforce has introduced a Loyalty Management offering as part of their “Marketing Cloud”. Customer 360 Audiences, their Customer Data Platform (CDP) is also a part of same Cloud. (The offering will be generally available later this year). Earlier, in 2020, MasterCard acquired SessionM (CDP + Loyalty) and Oracle acquired CrowdTwist … Read more

What’s The Perfect Definition Of A CDP? Or Should It Matter?

Customer Data Platform (CDP), as a marketing technology marketplace is seeing a lot of traction. And hype. CDP marketplace is very rapidly evolving and there are numerous CDP vendors. These include large enterprise software vendors such as IBM and Microsoft as well as several, niche CDP vendors such as ActionIQ, Tealium, Amperity and several others. Analysts, vendors … Read more

Approaches for Implementing Personalization

Personalization is a key tool in Marketer’s toolkit, and therefore Personalization Engines are now key components of any MarTech Stack. To be honest, personalization isn’t new. But with evolving usage of Machine Learning (ML) techniques, there’s a renewed interest in implementing Personalization. Rules-based Personalization is giving way to Machine Learning-based techniques to personalise.  Rules-based Personalization … Read more

Amperity and Quaero CDPs Partner with third party data Providers

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) mainly work on first party data. Recall that first party data is data of your customers collected directly by you. Your customers’ transaction data or their data in your CRM are examples of first party data. For a more complete profile, you often enrich this first party data with 2nd and … Read more

CDP BlueConic Announces Orchestration Capabilities

CDP vendor BlueConic have announced new orchestration capabilities. They call it Customer Lifecycle Orchestration. As shown in the screenshot, a lifecycle consists of many stages in a customer journey. You define these stages and then for each stage, you define a custom interaction. You also define the criteria that trigger these interactions. Pic: Lifecycles in … Read more

MarTech Trend: Emergence of Vertical-focused CDPs

CDPs are an important foundational component of any MarTech stack. But the CDP marketplace is increasingly becoming crowded and therefore, vendors are now to differentiate their offerings. We have already seen vendors specializing based on data lifecycle (data management vs data activation), based on AI and ML capabilities and so forth. There are some who … Read more

CDPs – Do You Need More Than One?

Lately I’ve seen several examples of organizations working with multiple Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). Earlier this month I debriefed a video-on-demand (VOD) firm that had licensed a Customer Data Platform from Quaero. Then they also licensed Optimove’s CDP. Hey, wait: if a CDP is supposed to serve as a consolidated… This post first appeared on … Read more

AltView Newsletter: News about Optimove, Lytics and mParticle

India’s ZEE5 partners with Israel-based Optimove to build a customer data platform (CDP). Optimove has some interesting machine-learning based predictive modelling as well as segmentation capabilities. So here’s hoping ZEE5 will improve its content recommendations. Lytics announces StartSmart StartSmart is an 8-week program to get Marketers to come upto speed with Lytics and get up … Read more

Salesforce to Acquire Tableau

Salesforce announced it will acquire Tableau for $15.7B, its most expensive acquisition yet. Earlier, Google acquired Looker. For Digital Marketing Technology, especially for those use cases that require a unified customer profile across channels, Analytics plays a very important part. I think of these as three important pillars for these use cases: Customer Data Platforms … Read more

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