Where should a CDP fit in your martech stack?

Any customer data platform (CDP) must nestle nicely into your martech stack, including your customer data ecosystem. Like many architectural choices, you face few absolute rights and wrongs here, but you have options worth considering.  At Real Story Group, we’ve seen three broad approaches, including variants of each: Licensing a… This post first … Read more

Goodbye DXPs, Hello Composable Stacks

Clearly there’s a gap between what vendors think is a DXP and how enterprise digital managers look at this space. I examine this further on CMSWire. This post first appeared here: Goodbye DXPs, Hello Composable Stacks.

The Real Story on MarTech: Should you build or buy a customer data platform?

“Build versus buy” in the context of technology marketplaces is a long-running debate. At Real Story Group, we see this debate getting revisited for marketing tech stacks, particularly for customer data platforms (CDPs). Is there a single right approach? I don’t think so, but the details matter here.  So let’s dig… This post first … Read more

Universal scenarios: The key to comparing personalization technologies

In part 1 of this 3-part series, I explored different options seating personalization capabilities in a larger marketing technology stack context. In part 2 of the series, I looked at different platform components required for building a holistic personalization technology strategy. In this concluding part 3, let’s explore some canonical scenarios that you can… This post first … Read more

The Real Story on MarTech: A holistic personalization technology strategy

In part one of this three-part series, I explained different options regarding where to seat functional personalization capabilities in your overal marketing technology stack. In this follow-up, I’ll explore different platform components required for building a holistic personalization technology strategy. The key premise is that omnichannel personalization requires several related capabilities across a… This post first appeared on … Read more

The Real Story on MarTech: Where should personalization reside in your new stack?

A common question is: Where Should Personalization Reside in your MarTech stack? Should it be in your CMS/WCM so you can personalize content? Should it be a part of your marketing automation so you can send personalized communication? Or should it reside in Ecommerce systems, so you can generate personalized shopping recommendations? Or maybe everywhere? … Read more

Bloomreach Acquires Exponea, Plus News about Treasure Data and NGDATA

Treasure Data released an interesting report, NGDATA announced a new partner program and  Bloomreach acquired Exponea. Lot’s happening but let’s start with the Treasure Data report first. New Trend?  A recent report by CDP vendor Treasure Data found out that 59% of respondents will invest in a new CDP in 2021. Of these, 33% will prefer an … Read more

Salesforce’s Loyalty Solution, Manthan-RichRelevance create Algonomy

Some interesting news this week. Salesforce has introduced a Loyalty Management offering as part of their “Marketing Cloud”. Customer 360 Audiences, their Customer Data Platform (CDP) is also a part of same Cloud. (The offering will be generally available later this year). Earlier, in 2020, MasterCard acquired SessionM (CDP + Loyalty) and Oracle acquired CrowdTwist … Read more

Key Stages in Customer Data Lifecycle

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are a key component of MarTech stacks.  The CDP marketplace is evolving very rapidly and there are numerous CDP vendors across various industries. These include large enterprise software vendors such as Salesforce, Adobe, IBM and Microsoft as well as several niche CDP vendors such as Segment, Tealium, ActionIQ, Amperity, Lytics and Treasure Data. … Read more

What’s The Perfect Definition Of A CDP? Or Should It Matter?

Customer Data Platform (CDP), as a marketing technology marketplace is seeing a lot of traction. And hype. CDP marketplace is very rapidly evolving and there are numerous CDP vendors. These include large enterprise software vendors such as IBM and Microsoft as well as several, niche CDP vendors such as ActionIQ, Tealium, Amperity and several others. Analysts, vendors … Read more

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