Cloud communications platform Twilio to Buy Customer Data Platform Vendor Segment

Cloud communications platform vendor Twilio is  set to acquire Customer Data Platform (CDP) vendor Segment in an all-stock deal for $3.2 billion. But you knew that already, since the news was all over the place.  They have listed three rationales: Provides a single view of a customer across channels for more effective engagement Forms foundational … Read more

CDP important for Customer Journey Management, Says Pointillist

Customer Journey Analytics vendor Pointillist have released this report based on a survey of over 1000 professionals. There’s some good data and analysis (report is free but you’ll need to fill up a signup form). There’s a full section on importance of having a centralized source of cross-channel (customer) data. Pointillist doesn’t use the term … Read more

How Do CDP Vendors Support Loyalty Programs

Should capabilities for loyalty management reside natively in your CDP or run outside of it? This is an important consideration if you are evaluating CDP platforms and have requirements to support loyalty/rewards programs. I write on RSG blog how CDP platforms support capabilities that are required to build loyalty program.

AltView Newsletter: New DMP Whitepaper plus news about Oracle and Tealium

Oracle to Acquire Loyalty Solution Provider CrowdTwist Oracle has signed an agreement to acquire CrowdTwist, a provider of cloud-based Loyalty solution. CrowdTwist offers capabilities for “discounts, points, check-ins or rewards.“ The CrowdTwist team will become part of Oracle CX Cloud and in future this solution will be integrated with CX Unity which includes Oracle’s Customer … Read more

AltView Newsletter: Multiple Vs Single CDPs, plus news about Quaero, Oracle and WordPress

ZEE5 Partners with Quaero Indian Video on Demand service provider ZEE5 has tied up with Customer Data Platform (CDP) Quaero. Recall that ZEE5 also partnered with Optimove a while back. Optimove is also a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Having multiple CDPs is no longer surprising. In fact, not all CDPs (or for that matter, any two products in a … Read more

AltView Newsletter: Adobe’s New Customer Journey Analytics Plus News About Oracle and New CDP Evaluations

Adobe Intros Customer Journey Analytics in Adobe Analytics (header image source: Adobe) Adobe has added new capabilities for Customer Journey Analytics within its Analytics platform. For max benefit, you will need to use these capabilities in conjunction with Adobe Experience Platform, which is Adobe’s upcoming Customer Data Platform (CDP) offering.  AEP will stitch together customer … Read more

AltView Newsletter: New AI Book, plus news about Acquia and AgilOne

Practical Artificial Intelligence: An Enterprise Playbook

Friends and colleagues, Alan Pelz-Sharpe and Kashyap Kompella, have written this excellent primer on AI for Enterprises. The book is written for the line of business managers, project managers and anyone considering an AI project. Alan promises, “no math (is) required” to understand this book.

It is a very practical take on all aspects of AI for enterprises. The book covers use cases, how to build an AI strategy and select vendors. It even goes into the “dark side of AI”. All in all, it is a very enjoyable and easy to understand book on AI. 

Kindle and Paperback versions are available on Amazon (India) and Amazon (US).


Acquia Acquires Cohesion

Acquia, the company that provides services around open source Drupal CMS, has acquired UK-based Cohesion. Cohesion is the maker of DX8 Site Builder and Page Editor. This product is being referred to as a “low-code Drupal website builder”. The press release mentions:

This acquisition allows Acquia to continue simplifying the way organizations of all sizes build, style, and design websites.

So Drupal became so complex that they now need to buy a product to simplify building websites!

To be fair, Acquia (or Drupal) is not the only product that requires additional products to “simplify” website development. For example, the other popular PHP-based CMS WordPress also has several such site and theme builders. I’ve worked with several of those site builders and found that they often end up creating code and templates that tightly club presentation with content, something that goes against the very premise of using a CMS. Hopefully, DX8 won’t do that. You can check the product here.


AgilOne Announces Cohort Analysis

CDP vendor AgilOne has released new set of analytics capabilities to allow you to do cohort analysis.

Cohort analytics is a type of analytics that allows you to create subsets of your users based on their common characteristics and then use those subsets for your analysis. 

This is helpful capability. And, yet another example of overlap between CDP and Analytics….

Read more

AltView Newsletter: Building Omnichannel Stack plus news about BlueVenn, ThoughtSpot and SDL

Look for best of breed solutions to build your own omni-channel stack exchange4media  organized MarTech India 2019 conference on Friday, August 23, 2019. I spoke about best practices for selecting products and vendors for building your own omnichannel stack.  The  key takeaway was that Omni-channel (as well as Digital Experience) Platforms don’t exist. You have to build them. … Read more

Twilio SendGrid launches Ads plus news about Salesforce, ZyloTech and IgnitionOne

Twilio SendGrid Ads launched SendGrid was primarily an email marketing platform that Twilio acquired. Twilio SendGrid Ads adds additional capabilities to create ads for Facebook, Instagram and Google. This could be very useful. You can reuse your campaign content across emails and ads (or posts). You can also have a single user repository for email … Read more

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