What to Make of Sitecore’s Moosend Acquisition

The real story here is that the Sitecore we all know now appears to be going away Last week Sitecore announced its plan to acquire Moosend. UK-based Moosend provides very low-priced, SaaS-based email marketing services. Its main capabilities include lightweight B2C campaigns, landing pages, and newsletters. This post first appeared on the RSG Blog. Continue reading … Read more What to Make of Sitecore’s Moosend Acquisition

Mastercard Acquires SessionM CDP

Financial services company Mastercard has agreed to buy longtime CDP vendor SessionM. To quote from the press release: The addition of SessionM will enhance Mastercard’s ability to help brands around the world deliver personalized, real-time offers and comprehensive campaign measurement based on robust, data-driven insights. Earlier, Oracle also acquired Loyalty… This post first appeared on … Read more Mastercard Acquires SessionM CDP

What’s New in Adobe’s Data Management Offerings?

Last week, Adobe made a few announcements related to Data Management and adjacent technologies and marketplaces. Coming amid the vendor’s annual summit featuring the usual spate of sports-and-entertainment dignitaries, it’s always a challenge to figure out what’s substance from what’s splash, but I’ll try. The two key announcements were related… #cx #customerdata #digitalmarketing This post … Read more What’s New in Adobe’s Data Management Offerings?

Salesforce Changes Its Mind on CDPs

This month has been hectic for CDP market, especially with large enterprise software vendors jumping in. Informatica bought AllSight and then Adobe and Salesforce announced their CDP offerings. We’ll have more to say in a bit about Adobe, but this post is about Salesforce. Salesforce About-Face Bob Stutz, CEO of… This post first appeared on … Read more Salesforce Changes Its Mind on CDPs

Open Text acquires Vignette

After Autonomy/Interwoven and Oracle/Sun news, here comes the third big news of the year. If Unilever can have multiple soaps and GM can have multiple car models, why can’t a Content Management vendor have multiple products? OT’s acquisition of Vignette points to this increasing “commoditization” of Content Management marketplace. There may be a lot of overlaps in … Read more Open Text acquires Vignette

Oracle buys Sun

Oracle announced it will acquire Sun. Another big Portal/Content Management vendor is now an infrastructure vendor. Sometimes I wonder if  everything will soon become an appliance – you buy a Solaris box and it will come bundled not only with the OS (obviously) but also with WebCenter (or one of the numerous Oracle Portal type products), … Read more Oracle buys Sun

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