Sun adds Content Management to its Portal

Most portal products bundle some kind of basic content management functionality. IBM and BEA have portlets for this, while MS’s SPS also has good document management capabilities. Even open source products like Liferay and JBoss have incorporated this in some way.

Sun did not have anything to offer for content management. However, Sun and Fatwire recently announced an agreement to bundle unlimited licenses of Fatwire’s Spark Content Management (pCM) with Sun’s portal offering. In my opinion, Spark provides more sophisticated CMS features as compared to those somewhat rudimentary CMS features provided by other portal vendors. Sun will now get an “extra” tick when people compare different portal products.

However, I am not sure how this will impact Fatwire’s Content Server product. I am sure there are people who are using Content Server with Sun’s portal. Would they move away from Content Server and use the bundled CMS functionality?

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