Stats and other things

Depending on the source (Forrester, Jupiter or some other analyst), the predictions for content management growth vary from one arbitrary number to another arbitrary number. However, the fact remains that a large number of Content Management projects have failed to deliver the promises. Someone told me or i read somewhere that about 61 % of the CM projects have been failures.

I’ve been doing some research on why so many Content Management projects fail to deliver. Irrespective of the approach (product or inhouse developed) they chose, a lot of clients are unhappy with what they’ve got out there. Those who developed an in-house solution, want to migrate to a product based approach and those who have a product want to move to another product or back to an in-house solution.

More on this later.. got to work now.

PS: I also read that that about 70 % of statistics are generated on the fly 🙂

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