Standards in Content Technologies: Should you care?

Recently, there have been many discussions in the blogosphere regarding standards (or rather lack thereof) in the ECM space.

Are standards useful? Or are they just a set of buzzwords used to get tick marks in RFPs and analyst reports? Should you prefer standards over proprietary features?

I’ll be speaking on this topic at the excellent cmf2007 conference to be held in Denmark in November. We will address these questions and more and look at some of the popular standards that are relevant if you are considering content technologies.

So drop me a line with your views and experiences with your favorite ECM products and standards they (should) support.

4 thoughts on “Standards in Content Technologies: Should you care?”

  1. We at VYRE are working on JSR 170 for content repositories.
    Built the application on JSR 168 Portlets and have not looked back. Many clients like the comfort of knowing that bespoke development is an investment that you can transfer between platforms. Standards prevent vendor lock in which is very common in the CMS landscape.

    See you in Aarhus :p

  2. In response to the need for standards, Standards are meant for products features that are no longer niche. Once they become commodity, standards are just small note that the products are compliant for so and so standard.

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