SAP To Acquire Engagement Provider Emarsys

SAP has announced it will acquire Customer Engagement Provider Emarsys.

Recall that SAP announced their SaaS-based “Customer Data Cloud” (CDC) in 2019. The focus of that release was really on profile management (via their acquisition of Gigya) and associated aspects such as identity and consent management.

Emarsys Platform. Source: Cover image source: SAP’s Linkedin

Emarsys, on the other hand, has some strong personalization capabilities. It also adds several engagement capabilities such as loyalty and analytics. Additionally, it provides several industry solutions, including those for ecommerce, retail and travel.

What Does It Mean for Potential Customers

While SAP will now have a broader offering with Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Engagement capabilities, remember it’s not a single package. It will have Gigya, Qualtrics, Emarsys and probably some more. As with offerings of several other enterprise software vendors such as Salesforce and Oracle, SAP’s offering is made up of several acquisitions. Under the hood, the acquired products are really different in terms of architecture and user experience.

But If you do license them, keep these points in mind:

  1. Consider individual capabilities based on their own merit and not because they are part of the SAP
  2. Don’t assume all the underlying components are well integrated. Plan for additional effort/resources.

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