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In my role, I have to talk to clients almost everyday and give them a presentation about our Portals and CM expertise. A major part of that is Case Studies. Because of the nature of things here, the format of powerpoint slides for case studies changes very frequently even though the content of a case study remains more or less similar – Challenges, How we did it, Business benefits etc.

I’ve been wondering if I could use some sort of a CMS and input all these things as text and then depending on Client or context, just generate a different PPT.

The good and ever helpful folks at cms-forum gave me some good pointers. Although I cannot use Powerpoint but their are really good alternatives such as:

  1. S5 by Eric Meyer – http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/s5/
  2. John Cox’s implementation at
  3. http://www.enfoldsystems.com/Products/Open/PloneS5
  4. http://www.visiomode.com/slideshow/
  5. http://www.feedstream.com/XML2Flash/Demo1/Presentation.htm
  6. http://www.reportlab.org/python_point.html

(2), (3) and (4) above are basically implementations of Eric’s S5. I like the idea and have been playing around with them. My main problem is that I donot know PHP and Python. So i am planning to borrow this idea and integrate it with OpenCMS or some other java based system. The idea is simple – Generate an html (or JSP) file and apply S5 templates over that.

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