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I’ve spent some time *again* playing around with OpenCMS 6.0. As far as I am concerned, the best addition has been the ability to create new content types. In earlier versions, if one needed a custom content type, one had to create content definitions using java. This meant lot of coding and time. In the latest version, this has been greatly simplified. Just create an XML Content definition using your favourite text editor and you are done. However, it takes some time to figure out the configuration part so that the content thus created is finally visible. This is primarily because documentation is not of too much help and one has to go thru mail archives to know. Here’s the link to the right post just in case you want to know the steps.

The Templateone demos demonstrate how good and flexible OpenCMS is. However, in order to understand these demos and to be able to use any of it in your development, one has to do a lot of trial and error.

People on the mailing list are generally very helpful. But a good and complete documentation will go a long way in helping people who want to adopt this excellent open source product.

Earlier review of OpenCMS

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  1. Hello Apoorv, I found your blog through your article here: and would just like to comment to thank you for providing the reviews and information regarding various CMS’s. I work for a subsidiary of a larger global financial institution and basically took ownership for the development of our replacement website.

    I’ve always been more comfortable on the PHP side of things which is why I initially pushed for the use of a PHP based CMS for our intranet site. I built it using Mambo > Joomla and am very impressed with what the open source community can do.

    However when I approached the IT department on building a new web presence, they balked at the thought of using PHP/mySQL since it’s not our company’s ‘core’ technology. That has led me to do a little research and reading over the past few months trying to figure out which system to use that will meet our JSP/Oracle requirements. I’m sure I’ll have some room to play around with regarding the database used, but they will definitely not budge with the JSP language usage.

    So far I narrowed my search to OpenCMS and Magnolia, but thanks for introducing me to Alfresco which looks like a very good intermediary between the two I mentioned previously. OpenCMS looks very powerful but the learning curve and customization seems daunting. And while I like Magnolia, we might have issues with the licensing for their document management system module.

    I’ll be following your site more closely in the upcoming few months as I’ve slated the first quarter of next year for the development of our replacement site. The document management portion plays a rather large role as we use it to house our equities market research where our clients log into to download. Currently our site is a mess, cobbled together from various coders working on it with really no documentation or standard procedures.

    Thanks again for what looks to be a terrific blog!


  2. Install OpenCMS on weblogic

    Although, OpenCMS works perfectly fine out of the box on Tomcat, it’s not the same story with WebLogic. Here’s what worked for us (courtesy Shishank):

    1) Extract the opencms binary in \user_projects\domains\applications. So at the end of this you will have opencms folder within application folder.

    2) Next go to Weblogic Console, delete the default deployed Web Application, browse to opencms folder in applications and deploy it.

    3) Once the application is deployed, start the OpenCms setup.

  3. Hi

    opencms is getting deployed on weblogic 9.1 , but the css is not getting recognized in the workplace(admin console), it is the problem with static export and solutions breaking my head from quite some days

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