Open Source Portals and CMS offerings maturing

More and more clients (even the large ones) have started taking Open Source Portals and CMS offerings more seriously. I and a friend of mine (Pranshu – who’s an expert in this area have been discussing this trend and we did some research. We basically searched for jobs on a popular job site and here’s the number of jobs for keywords that we entered:

Zope 7
OpenCMS 0
Vignette > 150
Interwoven > 150

Other job sites also returned similar results. I am stumped. If the use of Open Source is increasing, who is actually implementing it? Are the organizations doing it themselves?

1 thought on “Open Source Portals and CMS offerings maturing”

  1. Even if the organizations are implementing the Open Source solutions themselves, they still need to go and hire some people who have expertise on the same. We all know how successful the internal projects are? The people constraint, hardware constraints, time, budgets, funds and scores of other parameters…all lead to slow death of these projects.

    I believe, none of the Fortune 500 are actually implementing Open Source PCM. Reason they are already trying to consolidate their offering into smaller number of Enterprise Portals’ and here they can not afford to go wrong. Hence go to BEA, IBM of the world. Also they can leverage their existing partnerships with the vendors for hardware and software benefits.

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