Open Source Mobile Content Delivery

Even though most CMS products claim they can deliver content to any device, the fact remains that delivering content to mobile devices is quite different. What most of them provide is the ability to separate content from its presentation and then apply a different template if you want to deliver to mobile device. BTW, this blog also uses the same technique – try accessing it from a mobile phone or a blackberry and see what I mean. You will see the same content using a different template which is optimized for mobile devices. However, mobile delivery is much more than this and so people often use multiple products to do web content management/web delivery and mobile delivery. Also, there was no option other than “build your own” if you were using Open Source products like Alfresco, OpenCms, Magnolia or others.

Volantis recently announced the availability of Volantis Mobility Server under Open Source license. I think this is an important development because it will encourage people to experiment and create more content and applications for the mobile internet.

I wish one of the Open Source CMS vendors comes up with an integration with Volantis so that there is a well integrated, end to end content management and delivery for both web as well as other channels. My limited experience in playing around with Alfresco and Volantis shows it should not be too difficult. Matt Asay is associated with Volantis and Alfresco and so I’m hoping we’ll soon have something 🙂

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  1. i m new to this field.. and presently working on this…this is an important development in this field..can u guide me how i ve to move in this technology

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