My Google?

I’d posted earlier about Google’s emergence as a player in the portals space. I recently noticed that they have improved the personalized Google offering. One can add bookmarks, custom news and even feeds, just like one would do on My Yahoo. There is an “add content” link using which users can select content ranging from weather and stocks to News and Feeds. One can even drag and drop to arrange the layout. Pretty cool!!

3 thoughts on “My Google?”

  1. Isn’t Google picking up features more from Yahoo. Yahoo started with personalized pages and now you find the same with Google.

  2. I think Google is a step ahead. In yahoo, for example you cannot add customized news.
    But i think you are right – the concepts are similar. Even Yahoo has taken ideas from others. Google had blogspot and now Yahoo also has its 360 degrees blog offering.

  3. Both yahoo and google are a lot behind what Yodlee was in 1999.
    I just logged into my account at Yodlee after years. They have a new version. Though they are now concentrating more on financial information and bill presentment and payment.
    This space of consolidation requires a lot of work – parsers keep on breaking etc. – and I am not entirely sure whether its worth it.
    Google on the other hand has more targeted approach, offering more or less static content here, Froogle for comparison shopping, google news for scraping other news sites – also available on personalized page and no offering for your own content on other sites / other mails / etc..

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