Mindtree Personalization Effectiveness Model

Bismi Ravindran and I collaborated on this model for Personalization Effectiveness. If you are implementing personalization strategies, we think this could be a helpful framework. This model is sort of like a maturity model, with three categories and 11 dimensions. For each dimension, we define five effectiveness levels. Mindtree has made it a free download.

The ToC of the paper is as follows:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Challenges in delivering personalization
  4. Introducing Mindtree Personalization Effectiveness Model (MPEM)
  5. Mapping business outcomes to MPEM
  6. How to use this model
  7. Conclusion

This is a pretty detailed paper and we hope this will serve as a great resource for your own personalization initiatives.

You can download the paper here.

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