Is Google closer to being a CMS player?

Google recently announced the launch of Google Page Creator (as usual it’s in Beta). So, by using this tool, people can create static web sites using an intuitive AJAX based interface. Although it’s simple and easy, it’s not something that is not there already. Geocities and Tripod have provided this for ages.
One thing that I noticed though is  that when I was editing a page using Firefox, I tried editing the same page from IE at the same time. It was shown as locked! So some kind of content locking is already there. Nothing great if you see it just in the context of what the service provides currently, however, it could be an indication of things to follow. Once it integrates Google Pages with Blogger, Personalization, Google Talk and other features, it could provide a full collaboration platform over the web. Companies will be able to use Google to create static page based web sites using Google Pages, use blogger for dynamic sites and implement some kind of content delivery mechanism (as they have done at personalized Google).
So is Google closer to providing some sort of web based content management system?

Ah and BTW, one caution. Sites created by Google Pages have the url as Now, if you give a Google search for “”, you’d get all the pages in google index along with their gmail ids!

Updated Saturday, March 11, 2006: Google bought Writely recently. Using Writely, one could already publish to popular blogging tools, including Google’s own blogger. I guess they’s integrate it more tightly with Google Page creator too. I’d written about Writely and other such tools here. So what’s next? NumSum?

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