Interwoven, Sun and Microsoft

Interwoven recently announced that Sun will Resell their Enterprise Content Management Platform.

Most of the ECM vendors side with either MS or Sun (Java). This means, they have a tighter integration with one of the two technology stacks. For example, Vignette and Documentum integrate with Java based stack. Although Vignette earlier allowed people to program using ASP but I think they have dropped that now. RedDot is primarily MS based.

Interwoven on the other hand is one CMS vendor who works woth both Microsoft and Java.

In May, they announced “that Interwoven has become Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and will deliver tightly integrated end-to-end ECM solutions for the information worker”. This promised a tighter integration of Interwoven products with Microsoft products. More recently, Interwoven announced
a relationship with Sun in which Sun will be a reseller of Interwoven products and there will be a tighter integration between Sun’s JES products and Interwoven’s ECM products.

Some of their products work well with MS and some work well on the Java stack. Hence, it is important for Interwoven to go along with both MS and Sun (Okay Java). Interwoven’s products are not well integrated among themselves and integrating them with Sun’s Identity management and Microsoft’s share point server will be easier said than done!!

BTW, I’ve had some experience of working with Interwoven’s TeamSite. Although, it has a Java API, it is primarily based a Perl based product.

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