Internal and External Content Management

There is already a lot of confusion in the CMS space because of the numerous categories that products fall into. There is Document Management, Asset Management, Web Content Management and many such categories based on which CMS products are differentiated. An analyst firm has come up with another categorization – Web Content Management for internal and external web sites. I wonder if the products have actually become so specialized that this categorization is necessary or is it just a new trick by the analyst firm to differentiate its reports from those of other analyst firms?

1 thought on “Internal and External Content Management”

  1. Its really only useful for companies going out the door with a solution that is aimed at a particular market segment. for example, has enough features to easily perform in both capacities, but it is inherently focused on one rather obvious segment.

    The mumbo-jumbo marketing speak that is the modern CMS landscape really is enough to drive buyers crazy. Combined with over 1000 products out there that might actually make a list, and a 100+ that call themselves enterprise…

    Here’s a new one. A company out of Canada that actually makes a very useful and usable CMS called HotBanana has a new term called “Active Marketing Solution”. It’s like a ecom plugin, but it integrates an a/b marketing engine and analitics, as well as the supporting features (

    I’d never heard that term until tonight.


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