Hertz Takes Accenture to Court for Failed Website Implementation

The Hertz Corporation has sued Accenture for a failed “Digital Transformation Program”. I was going thru the detailed complaint (H/t Alan Pelz-Sharpe) and it is a fascinating read.

It Seems like a “project/program management 101” level disaster.

What are the key issues mentioned?

Issues mentioned include:

  • Delays in delivery
  • Deliverables not as per agreement
  • Usability issues
  • Standards not followed
  • Untrained resources
  • Best practices of content management systems not followed
  • Bad project management
  • Design not as per spec
  • Spiralling costs
  • etc

It doesn’t add up

To be honest, many of the points mentioned are unbelievable.

I mean, in 2019, things like “responsive web site” or a tablet-friendly website should be a default. No?

Also, these kinds of failures don’t happen overnight. There are (or should have been) regular meetings and updates. Given that it was a strategic initiative (and not just a website project), I’m sure Hertz would have put in place appropriate Governance and Program Management.

So i am not believing everything, not yet at least and would love to hear what Accenture says.

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