Google a step closer to taking over the Internet

I had written earlier about the possibility of a Google Instant Messenger. Google Talk was recently announced. It’s got a simple interface with a small footprint (900 K). However, unlike Yahoo’s IM, it’s strength seems to be voice chat. But then, it is in beta and you never know what course they decide to take.

And yes, it integrates with gmail so that you get email notifications.

Updated August 26, 2005
I’ve had good experience using it when i chatted with my friends overseas. The quality was good and the sound was loud and clear. I think telecom giants are going to be running scared 🙂 Good for customers.
However, I could not have a voice conference with multiple people and I’m not sure if offline messages work. But I guess those are small things that will be sorted out in future versions.

Other News this week
Sometime back, Interwoven had announced a partnership with Microsoft and had promised a tighter integration with MS stack. They recently announced the first step in this direction – An integration of Interwoven WorkSite with MS Office Share Point Server. Will we see a similar integration with Interwoven’s TeamSite?

Oracle has finally made it’s presence felt in the collaboration space. Oracle’s new version, Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g, has Instant Messaging, Content Services and Workspaces for collaboration. Another infrastructure vendor in the PCM space?

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