Google – A new player in PCM space?

Okay that might sound frivolous but there are reasons. Google has entered the personalized portal space. Check out Although, it is a basic and rudimentory offering but it still is a good beginning. Everyone knows about Google’s different search models – google appliance, desktop search, web search and thousand other different types of searches. Besides, they also have a “Search History” and some other cool search related features. In the collaboration space, they have Hello ( which could be their IM offering and Google groups ( They also do news syndication, maps, froogle and catalogs.
As far as content management goes, they are a leader in blogging which essentially is a poor man’s CMS.

They already have APIs to access many of these features. With a couple of more acqusitions and some consolidation in different services they have, they might be a player to watch for in the PCM space.

5 thoughts on “Google – A new player in PCM space?”

  1. If thats not enough – with google struggling hard to get the local content in and working (for atleast some part of the world) – it would be quite interesting to see how things shape up.
    Will i be able to see what people in my neighbourhood think and do ? what do they blog and what is their online identity ?
    There is thin line between PCM and Blog definitely – and to cross it – they will just need to link Picassa with Blogger and also easy creation of pages with photographs!.

  2. 1.I want to understand how Text Messaging solution has helped Individual/Organisational Need.

    By Text messaging ,you can store and forward any message,data format like Alpha Numeric.

    2.Where this technology/Concept is moving forward.

    3.What kind of content I can push to Mobile Devices.



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