Goodbye Wipro

Today was my last day in Wipro.

I’ve had pretty good time working with a great group (Portals and Content Management or the PCM practice)  – got opportunities to play multiple roles, worked with some cool people, made many good friends, worked with great managers and learned a lot in the process.

However, it was time to explore something different – explore new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations (thanks Munish and Star Trek for that).

I am grateful to everyone who I worked with at Wipro and wish everyone all the best.

So what’s next? Well that’s the Real Story that I will post in my next blog as soon as I get some time. For now, I am looking forward to a vacation in Nainital, a nice little hill station near Delhi. I don’t recall if i’ve taken a vacation before when I did not have to check office email :).

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Wipro”

  1. Hey Apoorv, Best wishes!
    Did we imagine two years back that everybody (almost) from PCM will take up something new in two years? Journey called life han!

  2. Hi Apoorv,
    All they best and looking forward to hear from you on your blog again.

    Enjoy your vacation!


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