Goodbye 2005, Welcome 2006

Here are some of the happenings of 2005 that might have an impact on the future of the PCM space. They are in no particular order.

1. Emergence of Google: Google appears much closer to “taking over the internet”. It launched services like My Google, Desktop search and Google Talk. These services are in the portals space and were aimed at making Google more than just a search engine. There were other services too.

2. Open Source getting traction: With Sun opensourcing the entire JES suite and other OS products getting matured, this would be something to watch out for. Launch of Alfresco was also an important happening.

3. Industry consolidation: The consolidation continues and niche vendors start disappearing. Some of these included:

4. Emergence of AJAX and Rich Internet clients giving a push to usability

5. Standalone portal servers evolving to include collaboration and other features

  • Absorption of DAM, DRM, WCM, **M etc into ECM
  • Integration of BPM with ECM
  • Portals evolving to include Process and Collaboration

6. JSR 170 and its successor JSR 283: Some people call them JDBC of content repositories while others call it CRAPi (Content Repository API).

3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2005, Welcome 2006”

  1. Nice consolidation apoorv.We got a lot of Info from ur blog regarding portals and CMS throught the year.
    We r really looking for more info for the coming yr from you.

    Best Regards

  2. Hi Apoorv,
    Came across your site when I was googling. Good stuff!! Keep it going.
    One of the areas I think you should add to your list is :

    SOA getting mainstream – Yeah – I agree that SOA has been hyped up (as all new technologies are) but the simplicity of the solution holds great future and I am sure most companies have some form of SOA projects or other planned or in in execution. Going forward I definitely think that once the services are well defined, the consumers of the service can be multiple portals and this will definitely increase flexibility for the client and make the client more loosely coupled.

    Interesting days ahead!!


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