Fatwire Content Server to offer Web 2.0 experience

Most CM vendors are expanding their portfolios to broaden their offerings within ECM space. Interwoven, for example, was primarily a WCM product vendor. But they have expanded their portfolio to include document management, digital asset management, records management and so on. Similarly, Documentum has started providing features for web publishing.

Fatwire, although does some amount of document management using something called CS-Doclink, has steadfastly stuck to its WCM roots. They have instead chosen to expand delivery capabilities. The version 7 of Content Server, due to be released in early 2007 focuses a lot on so called “web 2.0” – Blogs, Wikis, Social Computing, Tags and so on. This is an interesting move because by doing only WCM, it was getting difficult for Fatwire to compete with other ECM vendors. This move will provide it a way to differentiate in this crowded market. Also, Content Server’s architecture makes it very easy to build content driven applications like blogs very easy which is not the case with many other CM systems.

There are negative implications as well. Features such as these *typically* fall under delivery capabilities and hence offered by many portal servers. Content Server provides portlets for many of its CMS features but it is not a portal server in true sense and I’ve seen many customers prefer to deliver functionality using a portal platform. So now it will have to compete with portal and collaboration platforms on one end and ECM platforms on another!

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