ECM market in Asia

Tony Byrne recently noted how CMS vendors are offshoring more development work. IDC also in its report observed that India is going to be a big market for content management.

There’s another trend because of which all these CMS vendors are rushing to countries like India. There are more than 1 billion people and hence there’s a huge government machinery, much of which is still not IT enabled. These include railways, airlines, hospitals, press, banks and a lot of other government organizations. This means huge (and I really mean HUGE) amount of paper based transactions. Even if 1% of them decide to go for reducing this paper based work, it will be a big ECM (especially, document and imaging) opportunity.

And add another billion from China to the 1 billion I mentioned above and imagine the scale of ECM opportunity in this part of the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if these vendors start coming up with India specific products targeting specific requirements, price points and licensing models. Large Indian SIs already have a lot of people who have expertise in these products and are ideally suited to take up this challenge.

This also presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs in India to diversify into product development and create products in the ECM space which are better in terms of architecture, usability and implementation. And less expensive too 🙂

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  1. Could not agree more:

    1.CMS vendors need to get local and provide features/modules that are region specific – so far this have not tapped this market segment and only lip service has been paid to local applications

    2.Licensing and prices have to be adapted to the non-US markets.

    The CMS market in US/Western Europe had been flagging off and it was an opportunte moment to address the above issues. But the hype and hoppla over the opportunity provided by regulatory compliance requirements means, the big vendors’ regional CMSes will have to wait until that the (star) dust of compliance settles down.

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