ECM in an Offshoring Context

My article on ECM Offshoring has been published in CMS Watch today. Here’s the link.

Many of the ideas in the article have been explored before on this blog. Your feedback is welcome. Please email me or leave a comment here.

One thought on “ECM in an Offshoring Context

  1. You are bang on target w.r.t. CMS licensing being messy. Hope the attention drawn to it by industry analysts like you makes the vendors see reason and rationalize their licensing policies.

    Also, I think your article can serve as a high level check list for those considering offshoring their CMS Projects – good job.

    On a slightly related note – you clearly identify the issues to be considered when offshoring ECM to a third party SI but what about sending ECM work offshore to your own, in-house development team in a different country. Which of these issues are still relevant and which are not? Are there any new issues that crop up? It’d be interesting to see your take on offshoring ECM to your in-house IT – perhaps as an article?

    On a different note – let me congratulate you on running one of the few focused, commentaries on CMS matters.

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