Creating XLS and Docs on the Web

Biggies like Microsoft and Google are fighting each other to take leadership in providing services on the web. There are news that Google will provide Office like features along with SUN using Sun’s office suite. Microsoft is also launching similar services thru windows live. However, there are quite a few smaller players out there who are providing similar services. Users can create documents and excel sheets, share them with others and collaborate.
Here’s an example of excel sheet that I created using the service at Num Sum.

Then there is Writely that that lets one create and share documents.

Using these sites, one can create Office type documents, share them with others or even post them to blogs. At Writely, for example, you can create a document and post it directly to your blog!! Right now, they are pretty basic. For example, I cannot use all those fancy charts etc in the example above but the way things are happening, I think installing bloated software on your machines would soon be a thing of the past.

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  1. A few years back I had attended a seminar where Microsoft and some other company had exhibited a similar concept called Application Service Provider or ASP (almost the same time when Active Server Pages was very hot) wherein the software would be installed only on the server and and the users would access them through the browser. The space and processing would be of the Application Service Provider (ASP). But after the initial hype & hoopla, the concept just died, most probably due to bandwidth restrictions and browser security issues.
    Nonethelsss, I had liked the ASP concept very much. So it is good to see similar open-source/free (atleast for now) offerings coming up !

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