CMS Watch releases Enterprise Portals Report

CMS Watch has released their latest report – Enterprise Portals Report. The report, written by noted portal and content management analyst, Janus Boye is an excellent resource for anyone who’s got anything to do with portals. From a first timer who wants to understand the Portal technologies to more advanced users who want to compare products and learn from best practices, it has something for everyone.

2 thoughts on “CMS Watch releases Enterprise Portals Report”

  1. And Janus was ably assisted by whom? You are too modest Apoorv, good work:-)

    I reviewed the report before publication and it is excellent, I have a pretty good idea of what reports are out there in the market, and this is one of, if not the best available….

  2. Alan, thanks for the comment. CMS Watch and Janus were very gracious in acknowledging me. Seriously, I personally don’t think that I contributed anything that was worth that! (Not that I mind it though 🙂

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