CDP Vendor BlueVenn Announces Email Marketing

CDP vendor BlueVenn announced new email marketing capabilities as part of the platform. Many other CDP vendors already provide built-in email marketing, and several integrate with external email marketing platforms.

Advantages of a built-in email marketing platform

There are several advantages of a built-in email marketing platform. These include:

  • less integration hassles
  • one less vendor to deal with
  • it’s closer to data; therefore, easier to personalize

But it’s not always the case

In most large and complex MarTech stacks, separation of concerns and architectural elegance become very important considerations. How much can you bundle with CDP? Not just email marketing, but should analytics, personalization, journey orchestration etc be part of it or separate from a CDP? Of course, there’s never a single universal answer that works for everyone, but it is worth having this discussion before you finalize your MarTech stack…

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