Goodbye DXPs, Hello Composable Stacks

Clearly there’s a gap between what vendors think is a DXP and how enterprise digital managers look at this space. I examine this further on CMSWire. This post first appeared here: Goodbye DXPs, Hello Composable Stacks.

Updates to CDP Vendor Research

The CDP line on RSG’s vendor subway map remains perpetually under construction, particularly as we see new approaches for customer data management and activation emerge. Data lake-house platforms like Snowflake are building data management capabilities, products like Rudderstack and Aqfer are providing a subset of CDP-like capabilities. Continue reading on RSG blog: Updates to CDP Vendor Research. … Read more

The Real Story on MarTech: A holistic personalization technology strategy

In part one of this three-part series, I explained different options regarding where to seat functional personalization capabilities in your overal marketing technology stack. In this follow-up, I’ll explore different platform components required for building a holistic personalization technology strategy. The key premise is that omnichannel personalization requires several related capabilities across a… This post first appeared on … Read more

The Real Story on MarTech: Where should personalization reside in your new stack?

A common question is: Where Should Personalization Reside in your MarTech stack? Should it be in your CMS/WCM so you can personalize content? Should it be a part of your marketing automation so you can send personalized communication? Or should it reside in Ecommerce systems, so you can generate personalized shopping recommendations? Or maybe everywhere? … Read more

APIs Don’t Maketh Headless

Headless (in context of CMS or Commerce) often generates interesting debates. (The Real Story Group‘s forthcoming Ecommerce evaluations will have more on this)  Traditional, legacy platforms will often tell you they got APIs, so they’re headless too. But they aren’t. They are built in a monolithic way, with all services being part of one large … Read more

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