Blogging and Content Management

Can Blogging applications be categorized as Content Management Systems? I think there is a very thin line dividing the two.

ECM suites are so expensive that Gartner created a new category called “Basic Content Services” to refer to content management offerings that provide very basic features at low costs to a large number of people. Most people, anyway do not use most features and would prefer simplicity.

On the other hand, there are softwares (like WordPress and Typepad ) that let people create blogs. Blogging (and these software) actually caught on because of the simplicity that they provided. Even non technical users could use these applications and get up and running in minutes (wordpress has a famous 5-minute install) and most hosting providers provide a single-click install. However, I noticed that these blogging software are adding more functionalities – workflows, version management and so on and in the process, making these products more complicated.

With Blogging softwares adding more functionality and CMS products offering “simplified” content services, I think the distinction will reduce even further.

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