Blockchain for Information Management

Blockchain is best known for its use by the alternative and controversial currency market and most notably Bitcoin. But Blockchain is not Bitcoin nor is Blockchain an alternative/crypto currency. Rather Blockchain is an underlying distributed ledger technology (DLT) that can be used in many different contexts other than Bitcoin.

In fact, we are already seeing the experimental use of Blockchain in many non-currency related situations – for example, the management of healthcare records and the processing of shipping manifests. Specifically, in the context of Information Management, Blockchain can address a number of use cases. However, as with anything new in tech industry, Blockchain is also being used for information management use cases for which it is not a suitable platform.

This recently released report by analyst firm Deep Analysis (written by Alan Pelz-Sharpe and me) looks at the use of blockchain for information management. It explores the structure of this market and its future impact and growth potential.

The report’s ToC is as follows:

  • About this report
  • Methodology
  • Introduction and a brief history
  • Executive Summary
  • How does a blockchain actually work?
  • The key attributes of blockchain
  • Blockchains in action
  • Public versus Private Blockchains
  • The Market Structure
  • Market Drivers
  • Market Realities
  • Our Advice
  • Summary

You can read more details, including exec summary as well as purchase the report here.

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