JSR 170 Released

Content Repository for Java Technology API (JSR 170) has been finalized and released. If the vendor support mentioned here and here is any indication, life would be much better for customers using multiple CMSes. If one department uses Vignette, another one uses Interwoven, there is no need to integrate or enter data multiple times. All that one needs is to build a layer above the repository and both CMSes would be able to access each other’s content. There are obvious benefits arising out of a standard such as this.

However, the success of any standard depends on how many vendors “fully” support it. Here are my doubts:

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Hummingbird buys RedDot

The consolidation continues. Hummingbird, with its strength in Document Management has announced the acquisition of European RedDot solutions. RedDot has its strength in Web Content Management. This gives Hummingbird and RedDot an opportunity to address the ECM space and cross sell to each other’s customers. However, true benefits will only accrue if the two vendors … Read more Hummingbird buys RedDot

Google – A new player in PCM space?

Okay that might sound frivolous but there are reasons. Google has entered the personalized portal space. Check out http://www.google.com/ig. Although, it is a basic and rudimentory offering but it still is a good beginning. Everyone knows about Google’s different search models – google appliance, desktop search, web search and thousand other different types of searches. … Read more Google – A new player in PCM space?

Usability in Portals and Content Management

Focus on Usability is going to be a big trend in Portals and Content Management implementations. This follows from two main reasons: More and more organizations are rationalizing and consolidating different sites and portals that had proliferated in the enterprise. Each of these have a different look & feel, navigation and a different user experience. … Read more Usability in Portals and Content Management

CMS features

An interesting thread about CMS modules has started “again” on the cms-forum list. As usual, there’s a debate going on on what features should a Content Management System have. Many people seem to think that features like calendaring, discussion forums, polls and surveys, etc. should be a part of CMS. I disagree. These features are … Read more CMS features

Open Source Portals and CMS offerings maturing

More and more clients (even the large ones) have started taking Open Source Portals and CMS offerings more seriously. I and a friend of mine (Pranshu – http://pranshujain.blogspot.com/) who’s an expert in this area have been discussing this trend and we did some research. We basically searched for jobs on a popular job site and … Read more Open Source Portals and CMS offerings maturing

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