AIIM 2006

This week, I was at the AIIM. I’d expected it’d be a great experience and I wasn’t disappointed. I got to meet some great folks, attended some interesting sessions and generally had a good time at the exhibition hall.

One particular thing that I noticed is the size (or the lack of it) .. of traditional web content management vendors’ booths. Vignette and Interwoven were much smaller than last time while Fatwire was not there. The major Open Source WCM players (OpenCMS, Day, Magnolia etc) were also absent or had minimal presence. The focus is indeed shifting to the bigger picture and this was reflected by the size of the booths of Infrastructure vendors (IBM, Microsoft etc.) and ECM vendors (EMC Documentum, Filenet).
There were quite a few new vendors though that shows there will always be niche players in the space.

Also interesting was the emergence of many imaging vendors like Xerox as ECM players. There were rumours too about FileNet and Oracle but that’ll be a topic of another post 🙂
Ah and BTW, Google had the biggest presence at the expo confirming my belief that they are going to be a serious player in this space.

It’s been a hectic week and next week I’ll be in Australia meeting some more people and attending a couple of workshops with clients.

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