2011 Portal & Content Integration Market Analysis

Today we published our 2011 Portal and Content Migration Market Analysis. It also includes a “Cross-Check” chart that visually charts risks and opportunities.  The briefing is available to our Portals stream subscribers.
Recall the many predictions that “mainframes were dying” — yet they never died. Nor have enterprise portals.
The Portals marketplace is characterized by Read More

Antenna Software Acquires Volantis Systems

Unlike most acquisitions in the Content Technology Marketplaces that we cover, this one actually seems like one in which there is not much overlap between two vendors’ offerings. Antenna Software, a provider of mobile applications mainly for enterprises, acquired Volantis Systems, a company focused on delivering content to mobile browsers, concentrated more on the consumer Internet.  
As Read More

Android Tablet or iPad

Google demonstrated Android 3.0 — a.k.a., Honeycomb — last week. Honeycomb is a version of their mobile operating system optimized for tablets. It works within a bigger form factor, and also packs in much more power to be able to run videos, games, and other applications better. But that’s not the point of this post. I also don’t want to get into a flame war between Android and iOS (or Android p Read More

Update to Portal Vendor Evaluations

We have released an update to our Portals and Content Integration Report.
In this release, we’ve updated the following evaluations:
Portal Vendors:  IBM WebSphere Portal Server and Plone Content Integration Vendor: Kapow Katalyst (re-branded “Web Data Server”)

All these vendors have released major new versions. In fact, although the Portal Marketplace is smaller compared to some o Read More