Microsoft supports SharePoint WCM alternative with Orchard

An omnibus platform like SharePoint presents two challenges to Microsoft in the web publishing arena:
It doesn’t employ the very latest version of .NET Long update cycles means it can fall behind functionally

Neither challenge is prohibitive, but both are potentially problematic.  In the past Redmond and its partners have showcased some interesting alternatives (as well as add-ons) to Share Read More

What happens when a standard dies?

The tech blogosphere has been debating the apparent demise of the Java Content Repository (JCR) spec, especially after news that the open source Document Management firm Nuxeo dropped support for the standard. JCR’s popularity (something I wrote about on my personal blog) and future are always debatable, and a subject for another post.
However, it should focus you the customer on an important topi Read More

Content Storage – Database or File System?

Business users want easy access to content and don’t tend to care where it gets stored. However, the mechanics of storage have always been an important consideration for IT and System Admin folks. A content management system usually stores content in a file system, a database, a custom repository, or a combination of these.
Different vendors use different approaches. Some allow you to be flexible Read More