Making lassi in a washing machine requires the right model

Lassi is a yogurt drink popular in India, but you wouldn’t usually employ a washing machine to make it. Unless, of course your requirements are similar to those in this HSBC Ad. We call such differentiating requirements “scenarios.” Think of scenarios as business use cases, or high-level business objectives.
Scenarios are an important way to differentiate one product from another. Most p Read More

Alternatives for converging website production and delivery

Of late, many WCM as well as Portal vendors are touting their capabilities for more closely aligning content management and presentation management.
Frankly, I wonder what took them so long. After all, what good is content if it cannot be delivered and consumed? In my opinion, aligning content management and delivery should always have been a key use case.
Nevertheless, better late than never. In Read More

Thinking Holistically Beyond the Smart Phone

When you think of a smart phone or when someone tells you about multi-channel delivery, chances are that you are visualizing a cell phone, a PDA, or at the maximum, a tablet such as an iPad or Samsung’s Tab.
Less obvious are the myriad non-PC devices that can access websites today, including mobile phones of various sizes and capabilities, eReaders, Netbooks, and IPTV devices. Some specific exampl Read More

Offshoring ECM

Offshoring, along with its many variants like rightshoring and nearshoring, is a heavily debated topic. Like anything else, there are advantages as well as challenges that need to be addressed if you want to make it successful.
Many of those challenges are common across all IT projects, as well as applicable to domestic outsourcing. However, ECM offshoring efforts have certain unique requirements Read More