Social Software at Interop India

It seems every new technology gets labeled “social,” and every vendor wants to be “global”, “leader”, “first,” or some combination of these. So it’s important to get the real story and follow a structured approach to product selection. With this in mind, I’ll be conducting a workshop on selecting Social Software at the Interop conference in Mumbai, India.&nb Read More

JBoss and eXo Portal Platforms: Similar, Yet Different

Competitors and partners, eXo and JBoss have both announced their new Portal offerings based on their collaborative project GateIn. While JBoss had released Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP 5) a while back, eXo released eXo Platform 3.0 this week.
These two new products (don’t get influenced by their high version numbers) both employ the GateIn framework under the covers, and are functionally and a Read More

IBM Search, powered by Lucene, is a forklift upgrade

Rather quietly, IBM has replaced the search index within their OmniFind Enterprise Edition. The latest release of this search engine, version 9.1 supports new search collections that are based on Lucene, something about which we had blogged  earlier. The search collections in earlier versions are still supported, but are now called “Classic Search Collections.” Depending on whether Read More

Dynamic Publishing Systems — A Technical Overview

Dynamic Publishing Systems manage the assembly of reusable components for publishing, along with the delivery of aggregated content to multiple personalized channels. Some examples of Dynamic Publishing are:
Help manuals for your products or services Electronic bills sent by utility service providers Insurance quotes and policies

Dynamic Publishing is a catch-all phrase and is often referred to Read More

Guide to Successful Content Migration

We have often talked of content migration before, such as here and here. However, now we have started to track content migration technology and practices more formally, and will be expanding our coverage to include short reviews of key content migration vendors in the near future.
Meanwhile, to get you warmed up, here’s an advisory briefing, “A Guide to Successful Content Migration” our Read More

Random Thoughts about SIs and IT industry

I am thinking of reviving this blog yet again.

I’ve been part of the System Integrator industry for a long time and have seen it from close quarters. I believe there is much hype, too many myths as well as a lot of FUD about SIs. I also think there’s a serious lack of "balanced" perspective about this industry. One of the main reason for that probably is that a lot of good people are employed by these very SIs and so its difficult for them to be unbiased and open.

So I’m going to be writing about various aspects of System Integrators and more generally about the IT industry –  such as software development, off-shoring, outsourcing, Indian software companies, project management models and so forth. I will also be talking about some "cool" concepts and why they do or do not work – such as Center of excellence (CoE), Solution Center, shared services, six sigma, CMM, CMMi, PCMM, Agile and so on.

Obviously, I can’t be balanced if I don’t talk about some of the other related things like stupid project managers, unrealistic clients, work life balance (or the lack of it),  Indian IT leadership and their so called innovations to reduce costs.

This is an industry where people are called resources and are usually identified by cells in an excel sheet. However, as I said, I will try my best to be balanced and so it won’t be just bad things. Instead, I will also write about the advantages, good things as well as best practices.

So all you folks from Wipro, Infosys, TCS, CTS, Accenture, IBM and others – send me your comments and anecdotes.  I will obviously keep all your information confidential.