What’s next for the mobile Internet in India

Last week, I attended two conferences in Delhi. Coincidentally, both of them were on similar topics. The first one, organized by Indian trade body, NASSCOM was about mobile Internet and appstores, while the second one was about mobile applications (although it ended up as a conference for sales pitches by device vendors).
India recently finalized its 3G policy and although we are way behind many c Read More

Beware the WEM trap

You may have heard about a new TLA called “WEM.” W and M stand for Web and Management respectively while E refers to Engagement or Experience, depending on who’s talking.  Many WCM folks love the new acronym and declare WEM as the next WCM (WCM++ ?).
Vendors are especially excited, such that Product X is no longer a WCM offering but a “WEM Suite” now. But you should be for Read More