Red Hat Releases JBoss EPP 5

Although released a couple of weeks back, Red Hat made a formal announcement of the release of their new JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP 5) on Thursday at the Red Hat summit in Boston. As we have mentioned before, this release is a completely re-architected platform built on GateIn, the portal they jointly developed with eXo.  
The platform has many new features such as:
Plug-in b Read More

Update to Portals Research

We’ve just released an update to our Portals evaluation research.
Along with updates to the individual portal vendor evaluations, we have expanded the scope of our research to include a new category of related solutions that enable you to integrate and aggregate content from multiple sources. While these are not as feature rich as Portal products, they do enable you to create “Portal-like&quo Read More

Adapting Your Content Management Platform for Mobile Delivery

One of our predictions for this year was about the rise of mobile as a delivery channel — much more closely integrated with your content technologies. Most vendors provide some sort of mechanism for delivering content to mobile channels, and most of them will tell you they support mobile delivery. However, like all other features, the devil lies in the details. The extent to which these vendors s Read More

Gadgets and Mashups – together but separate

When I talk to people about Mashups, I find many of you are really thinking of iGoogle-type, dashboard-style applications, assembled using Gadgets and Widgets.
This is an accurate visualization in many cases.  Yet it’s important to remember there are really two different pieces here: One is related to back-end content integration and the ability to access content from multiple sources, while Read More