Joomla! Upgrade – Pros and Cons

More than two years after it’s last major version was released, the Web CMS project Joomla! has announced the beta version of its next major release (1.6).
For an open source project, that’s a lot of time between two versions. There have also been concerns raised about transparency and governance within Open Source Matters (OSM), the not-for-profit that manages the Joomla! project. However, with a Read More

Compliance and the Role of Enterprise Content Management

Alan and I recently wrote this piece (requires free registration) for CFO Connect, a thought-leadership magazine for CFOs and other senior finance professionals operating in India. The idea was to introduce people to Compliance and how an ECM technology platform can help companies meet their compliance needs.
To quote from the article,

Most businesses assume that compliance costs money and does n Read More

Treating Content Migration Like a Real Project

I was reading the excellent Web Site Migration Handbook by our good friend and colleague David Hobbs — and a quick Twitter exchange with him got me thinking about the importance of testing and QA in migration.
Most organizations do not undertake a migration effort with the rigor and discipline that they normally would for a software project. The result is often a failed migration. You should Read More