Cricket, Lies, and….Content Management

They say nothing unites us Indians more than Cricket. Mash that up with Bollywood, big money, politics, as well as sleaze, and you get the multi-billion dollar Indian Premier League (IPL) — an irony given that India is a land of Mahatama Gandhi.
The last few weeks has seen a drama, albeit not a Bollywood one, unfold. It all started when the IPL chairman cum commissioner Mr. Modi fired the first s Read More

FatWire Community and Gadget Servers

FatWire recently announced two new products — “Gadget Server” and “Community Server” — both aimed at website visitors. Community Server provides user-generated content services such as blogs, ratings, reviews, and comments. Gadget Server allows you to serve up lightweight components called Gadgets.
Both these applications run on FatWire’s Content Server platform that we cover Read More

Myth of the No-Code Solution

I get an uneasy feeling when someone tells me their product is so simple that business users can create new applications without writing any code. This is especially true of products that offer some kind of a gadget and/or mashup functionality. Granted, it’s comparatively easier to create Gadgets as compared to more heavyweight components like Web Parts or portlets. But a gadget does not make an a Read More

Complementing Portals with Enterprise Mashups

Enterprise Mashups are becoming popular as a way to create new, dashboard-style applications from existing, often disparate applications and data sources. Many vendors offer some sort of Mashup functionality.  A sampling includes large ones such as Microsoft (Composites in SharePoint 2010), IBM (Mashup Center), small niche vendors such as JackBe (Presto), Kapow and Backbase, and even open sou Read More