So what is your ECM story?

It’s been a year now since we launched our ECM Maturity Model under Creative Commons, and it seems to have proven comprehensive as well as extensible for different groups adapting it for their specific environments.
In other words, it’s been useful — if something of a hidden gem.
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Here at the Real Story Group we have also used it with our customers. As an example, see the Read More

Collaborate and Innovate

ideaken - collaborate to innovate

Congratulations to good friends and ex-colleagues – Munish and Jayesh who have given up their cushy jobs at Wipro to launch ideaken. ideaken uses social media to enable collaborative innovation. To quote:

Collaborative innovation takes place when one starts to leverage unknown or unnamed sources of ideas, solutions & knowledge along with the known and named sources. The basic intention is to increase the chances of problem-to-solution match by increasing the solver base dramatically. Enterprises need to source the diversity of talent, tap into the wisdom of crowds and reach out to the underutilized talent sources. While most of the enterprises understand the power of collaborative innovation, the means to achieve the same on a continual basis and on a wide scale is not available.

They essentially provide a platform to bring together “Seekers” and “Solvers” who can then help each other. Seekers offer challenges such as: “Practical solution to save stranded Whales, Dolphins, and other big fish” or “Domino helper – a device which allows a player to set up dominos faster for a toppling game”. Solvers then select the challenges that interest them and then offer solutions.

ideaken is also available as a software as a service  that organizations can use with their own branding.

Here’s wishing you all the best guys. I’m sure ideaken will do well.

The return of web-based IDEs

Developers know that Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) go a long way in improving productivity and shortening time to market. Some vendors in the marketplaces we cover ship with their own proprietary IDEs, while many others use a plugin to (or otherwise extend) the popular Eclipse or Visual Studio IDEs. In the event, you typically install an IDE on a developer workstation along with many Read More